They say “good things come in small packages” but…

They say “good things come in
small packages” but in this case “freaky things cum in small packages”.
I wasn’t quite sure if this tiny spinner chick was going to be up for a
full on assault on her mouth and pussy at the Gloryhole but during her
interview I discovered I had a little nympho to play with for the day.  
Yes, I took full advantage of that!

This girl absolutely LOVES sucking cock and gets off on being used by
guys just for her oral skills.  She has no problem being the blowjob
booty call and will suck any cock, any time, anywhere which makes her
perfect for this type of experience.  Her goal is to service 30 guys
which would shatter the Gloryhole record so I’m going to keep her there
long enough next time to see how many cocks it takes to get her to tap

This visit almost got cut short when Pringles got a hold of her because I
think he may have torn her pussy a little in the Theater Room.  She’s a
horny little thing and I doubt something like that would slow her down
anyway.  After he blew his load all over her puffy freshly fucked snatch
I asked her to show me how she use to masturbate in the bathroom at
work.  Wait until you see the sloppy mess she created.

This is another long one but it’s packed with action so it’s well worth
extra download time.  If you like bareback creampies then you’re in for a
real treat with this one.  Have a great Cinco de Mayo!

As she tells us during her interview, this experience was way…

As she tells us during her
interview, this experience was way outside the box for her but something
she was eager and excited to try.  Girls love this type of slutty
adventure and the anonymity in a seedy atmosphere really gets them

My only thought about this particular Gloryhole visit is she may have
stayed for a few cocks too many.  I think she was starting to hit the
wall on the 9th guy but she wanted to make sure everyone got serviced.  
Some of these guys were really unloading on her and put a little too
much cum in her belly for a first visit.  I’m sure her amazing cock
sucking had something to do with the extra volume she was receiving so
you can kind of say she brought it on herself :P.

She was a very fun girl to take to the Gloryhole for a day and I hope
she’s down for another visit to venture into the Porn Theater for some
group action.  She’s never had two dicks at one time so we need to help
her scratch that off her bucket list.